HKSTP Partner Company Incubatee PointFit Technology won the grand prize of ASICS Accelerator

Good things come to those who sweat. Our Incubatee PointFit Technology has just won the grand prize of ASICS Accelerator!   Congratulations to the team for winning this global accelerator! The research is 100% Hong Kong. #TeamHongKong   #HKUST   (Co-Founder & CEO) Kenny Oktavius   (Co-Founder & COO) Jack Chen   (Co-Founder & CTO) Reno Adley Prawoto  (Co-Founder) Prof Ping Gao  PointFit Sweat Sensor is an ultra-thin skin patch that tracks your health condition through sweat biomarkers and transmits it to your mobile app in real-time.  Following the accelerator, Point Fit will work closely with ASICS Corporation to integrate its patented and peer-reviewed one-of-a-kind membrane technology into ASICS products.  Drop a ❤️ or 👍🏻 below to support Hong Kong's innovation. They are now ready to disrupt the health monitoring landscape and make ASICS a leader in the smart-sportswear market.  Learn more: bit.ly/3z32mVq   Follow HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technolo

Hong Kong Science Park's company has secured USD 15M in Series B round

Huge Congratulations! FreeD Group has secured USD 15M in Series B round to expand beyond Hong Kong!  Looking after your customers is everything . FreeD Group enhances the interaction between consumers and brands via its award-winning, proprietary AI-driven smart commerce and smart merchandising solutions.  Named the Tech Pioneer 2022 by World Economic Forum , FreeD Group has helped global companies, including Samsung Electronics and Marriott International, to develop their SuperApp experience and benefit from the extensive partner network of FreeD Group.  At HKSTP, we are so proud to be their springboard to the world. Check out their story on Forbes: bit.ly/3axq83P    Follow our page to get the latest tech news in Hong Kong!  More Information :  https://www.hkstp.org/what-we-offer/funding-capital-overview/

捷寶開水器 裕寶工程

捷寶開水器採用全不銹鋼製造,全由電子系統監控下運作,確保出水溫度達到92-97℃的無菌狀態,適合於各大場所使用,包括便利店、醫院、酒樓及餐館等。產品款式多樣化,有座台式,有掛牆式,也有台下式,除單開水外,還有冷熱水型號以及直飲水型號,各款型號開水器都選用美國Tomlinson優質龍頭,持久耐用,同時選用發熱管和保溫材料,減少熱量流失,高效節能。分層加熱的方式,加熱更快以及保證水溫;自動處理超溫、缺水、溢水現象及漏電保護功能及數字溫度顯示,美觀實用。 裕寶工程優勢 : - 一站式提供設計、銷售及工程服務。 - 貼心訂造服務 滿足你獨一無二的需要 - 龐大客戶服務團隊 提供完善售後服務 用心研發專業爐具 助你開創商機 ! 資料來源 : https://yuepo.com.hk/ft/ProductList.aspx?TypeId=10927  

富利牌環保炒爐 裕寶工程

富利牌主力提供燃氣商用廚具設備系列。本系列的產品全為不銹鋼製造,並以貨種齊全及品質優良而聞名於國內外。 環保炒爐系列產品環保節能及產生低分貝噪音。它採用內向火預混爐頭(自主專利)設計,使得燃氣及空氣在最佳燃燒比率下均勻混合,提高熱效率,技術的突破創造出三贏局面: 裕寶工程優勢 : - 一站式提供設計、銷售及工程服務。 - 貼心訂造服務 滿足你獨一無二的需要 - 龐大客戶服務團隊 提供完善售後服務 用心研發專業爐具 助你開創商機 ! 資料來源 : https://yuepo.com.hk/ft/ProductList.aspx?TypeId=10976

HKSTP Park Company Eurekabio has raised an RMB 100M+ Series B round to advance its automated cell processing platform

Congratulations! Eurekabio has raised an RMB 100M+ Series B round to advance its automated cell processing platform and the lentiviral vector production system developed by their team based at our Park.   Millions of people globally are suffering from different type of cancers. Our park company, Eurekabio, specialises in manufacturing supplies and platform for Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT).   Thank you Eurekabio for playing a pivotal role in accelerating the development of CGT through automation - Standardising cell processing procedures - Increasing efficiency - Reducing human error and contamination   Learn more: https://lnkd.in/gEGmc7Vz   Follow our page for more fundraising news happening in our thriving ecosystem. More Information : https://www.hkstp.org/what-we-offer/institute-for-translational-research-overview/

富利牌環保玻璃三門蒸櫃 裕寶工程

富利牌全新推出環保節能蒸櫃系列,使用嶄新的烹調概念。當蒸櫃達到指定溫度時,會自動調節輸出,避免食材過份烹調而影響口感之餘,亦能大幅節省能源成本。爐具設有獨立溫度顯示及蜂鳴器警報系統,讓廚師能更精準控制食物溫度,提升食物品質。 富利環保蒸櫃系列採用內燃式環保爐頭(自主專利)設計,從而提升了大於25%的熱效能,節約運營成本。隨著新的環保爐頭設計,噪音低於65dB(A),為廚師提供了最好的工作環境。環保蒸櫃系列採用專利的耐高熱火管型特殊鋼水膽設計去提升熱效率,減少熱量損失。  ① ESC-1VC、2VC、2HC、3HC蒸櫃可通過2組燃氣閥進行3段火力調節。  ② ESC-3HX、2BC、1RC蒸櫃可通過2組燃氣閥進行2段火力調節。  ③ ESC-2VC、2HC、3HC、3HX蒸櫃設有分層蒸氣開關閥,廚師可依照烹飪的份量去控制蒸氣量。 資料來源 : https://yuepo.com.hk/ft/ProductInfo.aspx?Id=14230  

Hong Kong Science Park: Healthy ecosystem cultivates powerful global collaboration

(English) A healthy ecosystem cultivates powerful global collaboration   BeiGene, a global commercial-stage biotech company, has entered a worldwide strategic collaboration with our park company InnoRNA to take mRNA-based therapeutics to the next level. bit.ly/3yW8S0f You probably heard about Messenger RNA (mRNA). It has been used in some of the leading COVID vaccines. Q: What's mRNA's superpower? A: It directs human cells to generate proteins to help our immune systems develop antibodies for disease prevention and treatment. Q: What's InnoRNA's superpower? A: The platform developed by CEO Dr Li Linxian makes the mRNA less fragile, and the technology can rapidly and accurately identify safe and effective mRNA carriers for clinical treatment. Q: What's HKSTP's superpower? A: Hong Kong is the world's number two biotech funding hub.  We will leave you to find out more! Follow our page for more biotech news in Hong Kong and beyond. Reference :